TITLE: Music Director/Accompanist


Church Council through the Minister-on-Staff


Worship Committee


The function of the Music Director/Accompanist is:

  1. To work with the Minister of the Congregation and the Worship Committee in the planning of regular and special services of worship. The Music Director/Accompanist is an ex officio member of the Worship Committee.

  1. To work with the Minister of the Congregation in the selection of appropriate music each Sunday. Because the Minister has the overall responsibility for the worship service, he/she can delegate responsibility for the choice of hymns.

  1. Hold choir practices on a weekly basis, with extra practices as deemed necessary, and to present choral anthems on a regular basis.

  1. Play for worship services other than regular Sunday morning services (Good Friday, Christmas Eve, etc.) as deemed necessary by the Worship Committee.

  1. Be willing to accompany, but not direct or conduct, a Junior Choir if and when needed.

  1. Be aware and recognize the gifts and talents of those from within and outside the congregation who may be enlisted from time to time to serve the congregation as guest musicians as authorized by the Worship Committee.

  1. Be responsible for playing in services of worship and other church functions as required from time to time, including funerals and weddings, on a “first-refusal” basis, fees to be established in conjunction with the Church Council. In the case of a wedding, the Music Director/Accompanist will attend rehearsals, if necessary, for an extra fee as per the rate schedule drawn up by the Church Council.

  1. Be responsible for music resources, reporting purchases of new music within budget and/or recommended by the Worship Committee.

  1. Communicate any concerns regarding major maintenance and repair of the organ, piano and/or any other musical instruments directly to the Worship Committee. Emergency needs can be attended to by the Music Director/Accompanist.

  1. In consultation with the Worship Committee, attend workshops, seminars, etc. in order to enhance the ministry of music. $500.00 for continuing education is available.

  1. The Music Director/Accompanist will not be a member of the choir executive, but shall attend meetings on invitation.

Method of Evaluation:

An annual evaluation will be provided by the Ministry and Personnel Committee in consultation with the Worship Committee, and will include reviewing previously established goals and objectives, and establishing updated goals and objectives.


Liaison to the Church Council shall be through the Ministry and Personnel Committee concerning issues of working conditions and salary and benefits.

Terms of Employment:

Employment shall be a contract position. Salary is based on the Royal Canadian College of Organist's Table of Recommended Salaries for 10 – 13 hours per week.

Salary/compensations and other benefits such as sick days and continuing education shall be negotiated annually with the Ministry & Personnel Committee and approved by the Church Council, within the guidelines established by the United Church of Canada.

The Music Director/Accompanist receives three sick weeks per year, if necessary. Both choir practice and Sunday service constitutes a sick week. The Music Director/Accompanist receives 4 weeks vacation.

Continuing education (see #10 under Function) is supported, subject to approval by the Church Council upon recommendation of the Ministry and Personnel Committee.

The dates for vacation and other absences will be coordinated through the Worship Committee well in advance (4-6 weeks) when possible, so that a supply can be brought in. If unable to attend the Sunday service for any reason (eg. bad weather, sickness), the Chair of the Worship Committee should be contacted to find a substitute.

Termination of Employment:

The contract is renegotiated annually, but may be terminated at any time with eight weeks' notice, by either side, in writing.