In Gods Hands    Trinity Choir

Salt and the Light   Rev. Kim Falls

Let There Be Peace on Earth  Trinity Choir

It is Good For Us To Remember   Rev.Bob Root

My Song to the Lord    Trinity Choir

For All The Saints   Rev. Bob Root

On Eagles Wings    Trinity Choir

Columba and His Blessed Isle   Rev. Bob Root

Here, in the House on the Lord   Trinity Choir

Anniversary Sermon      John Bird

Grace Us, O Lord     Trinity Choir

Sunset or Sunrise     Rev. Rodney Smith-Merkley

On the Road to Peace      Rev Wanda Stride

River in Judea    Trinity Choir

I Have Decided   Rev. Rodney Smith-Merkley

Celebrate the Life of Jesus   Trinity Choir   

The Wonder of Water   Rev. Rodney Smith-Merkley

Whisper to My Heart    Trinity Choir

Christmas Continues   Rev. Rodney Smith-Merkley

Arise, Shine  Trinity Choir

God With Us   Rev. Rodney Smith-Merkley

Everywhere Christmas Tonight   Trinity Choir

Peace That Disturbs  Rev. Rodney Smith-Merkley

Advent Meditation   Trinity Choir