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Dear Friends:

Please find attached the link to this Sunday’s service:


Also: Special You Tube services and music at Trinity & Providence

Please see the YouTube channel for all services and special music. Here’s the   link:  and they should all come up and you can choose which ones you want to listen to by scrolling across the screen. We will be trying to add a new music video every week.






A Note for the Congregation

Dear Friends in Christ,


“My peace I give you.  So don’t let your hearts be troubled.  Don’t be afraid.”  So Jesus said to his disciples, and truer words were never spoken.  In the midst of all that’s happening in the world, let us hang on to his words:  “Don’t let your hearts be troubled.  Don’t be afraid.”


Many of us have never seen anything like this before and we will find our way through it together, with God’s help.  It will take our sense of humour, patience, care for one another, and faithfulness, but we’ll get there.


Because the well-being of the congregation is Council’s first concern, the following actions have been taken:


          Effective immediately, all meetings, gatherings, services at Trinity United Church are cancelled.  This will continue until at least April 4, and will be monitored often.


          The church building is NOT open for business as usual.  Staff may be in and out as well as working from home but the doors will be locked.  Messages will be checked regularly.  We know that Covid-19 is spread by contact, so we know the importance of social distancing.


          Please check your email often for updates.  And please pass news on to those you know who don’t have email.  We are trying to collect a list of those folks, so please email Sue in the church office ( with those names or phone 705 738 5135.


We are so grateful for those who are concerned for the church’s financial well-being at this critical time.  Thanks to those of you who are on PAR (pre-authorized giving).  We encourage you to continue your financial support.  If you wish to make a donation, someone will happily come by and pick it up or you can mail it to Box 426, Bobcaygeon, KOM 1AO.  If you are comfortable on the computer, go to our website:  Kevin Shields has sorted it for us that there is a DONATE NOW link.  Click on that, and know that your continued care for the church is appreciated.

Keep doing the things you are used to doing and that’s taking such good care of one another.  I was delighted to learn that people who live in apartments in Italy are opening windows and going out on balconies at six o’clock every evening to wave to one another, to sing together and to play music together.  You might set up a neighbourhood “Hello” across driveways at a time that suits you – keep in touch with one another in a way that is fun and lifts spirits!

I will be sending messages regularly to you to keep you updated, but more especially to offer the strength and comfort of our faith.  The world has seen tough times before; our faith has always stood the test.  This time is no different.


We are still called to be the church, whether we gather together, or hold one another safely in our hearts.   Remember:  “The church is wherever God’s people are praising . . .” and that can be anywhere!  We always say the church isn’t the building, so now we live that more vividly!


In closing, please remember the words of our United Church Creed:  We are not alone!  We live in God’s world.  To help us with that, I invite you to click on this link and hear the Sandy Ridge Mennonite Choir sing one of my favourite Pepper Choplin anthems, We are not alone.  


Blessings on this journey together,



“…Growing, Embracing, Sharing”

We extend a warm, friendly welcome to all visitors.

Worship Service (church) begins at 10:30 a.m. with Children’s Church held during the service
   Who we are…    

        Every year, new people find a home at Trinity.
       Every month, new people come and check us out.

The Trinity-Providence family is a generous, active and   joy-filled bunch.
        Generous: because God is so good, we love to give…
 We share the use of our facility with community groups like Community Care, Scouts,  and the Bobcaygeon Music Council.
  We raise well over $50,000 a year to send to local, national, and international efforts to reduce poverty and stimulate community health.

We have partnered, through a family connection, for over 12 years with rural villages in Chiapas to stimulate education and economic development.
We engage in reconciliation with First Nations, refugee sponsorship, and environmental action
We partner with Youth Unlimited to bring quality programs to School age children and teens as well as offer our own youth group and summer camp.
 We volunteer in scores of community efforts outside our church. You’ll find Trinity-Providence people in every kind of Bobcaygeon’s social endeavours.
 Active: the place buzzes like a hive…
 United Church Women’s (UCW) groups 
We host regular special events for music, study, & social action