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History of Bobcaygeon Providence Pastoral Charge 2

Trinity and Providence Congregations Today 2

Trinity and Providence Geographical Distribution of Members 2

Trinity Mission Statement 3

Bobcaygeon Providence Pastoral Charge Profile 3

Assets and Resources of Trinity and Providence 4

2018 Financials 6

Community Profile 6

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Brief History of Bobcaygeon-Providence Pastoral Charge

  • 1850’s – Methodist ‘worship classes’ were held in rural homes, resulting in the building of seven rural churches. Over the years six of these rural churches closed and amalgamated to form the foundation of the present-day Trinity Church.

  • 1860 – original church constructed on William Street, our present location.

  • 1925 – church renamed Trinity United Church.

  • 1978 – new sanctuary constructed.

  • 1969 – Providence became part of Trinity Pastoral Charge.

  • 1980’s – Providence remains open May to Sept. along with a special Christmas Service.

Trinity and Providence Congregations Today

  • All ages represented in the congregation, the majority being mature and seniors.

  • Fairly liberal in outlook, with a wide variety of theological understandings.

  • Music Director works closely with the Minister. We use Voices United, More Voices, licensed photocopies and music videos occasionally.

  • Our members recognize the need for changes to offer the gospel of Christ to a modern society, especially the younger generations of our communities.

  • From May till Sept. Providence Church is usually filled to capacity each Sunday. Our Minister leads the May and the Sept. service at Providence. The remaining services are pre-arranged by members with supply ministers.




Trinity and Providence Geographical Distribution of Members

  • Several residential areas mostly inhabited by seniors and retirees. Another subdivision provides single-family and semi-detached homes to seniors and families. There are two nursing homes, a retirement home and several low-rise apartment complexes along with the usual housing in the old village.

  • Bobcaygeon is “the” place to be for retirees within our active community with many volunteers, our waterfront and proximity to the GTA.

  • Trinity members come from the village, the surrounding countryside. As well as a goodly number of cottagers attend.

  • While being a part of the Trinity Family, Providence remains largely autonomous, managing its own finances, property and services.




Trinity Mission Statement


As Followers of Jesus Christ we seek:

  • To further our spiritual growth through worship, fellowship and the study of the scriptures

  • To function as a caring faith community, embracing all ages and all people

  • To utilize good stewardship of resources and talents

  • To spread God’s liberating love, respect God’s creatures and address life’s issues



Bobcaygeon Providence Pastoral Charge Profile

Archives Committee, Board of Trustees, Faith Formation, Communications Committee, Finance Committee, Ministry and Personnel Committee, Outreach Committee, Pastoral Care Committee, Property Committee, Stewardship Committee, Worship Committee, Church Council, Ministry of Music, Prayer Team, Healing Ministry Team, Trinity UCW, Providence UCW.

Trinity United Church: Assets and Resources

Assets/Resources Comments

Church Building


    • Sanctuary, Narthex & Library redecorated in 2001 |

    • Grand piano & organ in Sanctuary

    • Audio/visual equipment used extensively in Sanctuary

    • Beautiful stained-glass windows in Narthex and Trinity Hall

    • Kitchen equipped to serve large functions

    • Parking and accessibility

  • Trinity Hall, library, fellowship room, kitchen, Sunday school rooms, church office, Ministers office, Bethel room, 2 floors (staircases), large narthex, balcony in sanctuary,

  • Archives: Custodian of records and documents for the congregation and pastoral charge

  • Property Committee: Responsible for maintenance of the building.

  • Supported by a staff custodian.
Board of Trustees
    • Each church in our pastoral charge is represented by a separate committee that reports as a body of legal agents for their respective church, and holds all property and funds in trust.
    • Responsible for the liturgy and order of worship for all services.

    • Planning, maintenance and coordinating all practical elements of services.

    • Augments worship with appropriate guest-speakers, decorations and banners.
Pastoral Care
    • Keeps in touch with the Trinity and Providence Church Family, shut-ins and those in nursing homes and hospitals.

    • Newsletter distribution.
    • Holds authority to act on all ongoing matters relating to the Pastoral Charge.



  • Sets the annual budget for the Pastoral Charge.

  • Accounting of all income and disbursements for the Pastoral Charge.

  • 157 households supporting financially

  • Operating budget for 2018 of $190,728 – 2019 of $160,005.

  • M& S budget for 2018 of $32,800. – 2019 of $32,800.

  • Other missions’ budget for 2018 of $5,500. – 2019 of $5,500.

  • Several trust funds also provide funding. Dec 31, 2018 $142,000.

  • Participation in PAR is growing
Ministry & Personnel
  • Provides a consultative and supportive agency for the staff of the Pastoral Charge.

Sunday School


  • Approximately 14 currently with average 6 each week and two teachers
Faith Formation
  • Several Committees coordinate spreading the Word through all areas of the Pastoral Charge other than Worship Services.
Prayer Team
  • Meets weekly throughout the year.
  • 215 members and adherents

  • Average attendance 90

  • Primarily a mature congregation

  • Quite a few snowbirds

  • Some attend Providence during the summer
  • Educates the congregation on Christian-steward principles.
  • Excellent acoustics in sanctuary

  • Complete sound system

  • Music Director on staff

  • Choir of 15 enthusiastic members with average attendance of 12

  • Wealth of musical talent enjoying a wide range of [faith based] music.

  • Computerized projection for audio/visual display service, hymns, special videos,

  • Hand chimes, Folk group, musicians (violin, guitar, Tar Frame drums/tambourine,

Trinity UCW Units

  • Approximately 25 women in 2 units

  • Significant participation in fundraising events

  • Contributes to charities near and far, and to the financial support of the church.

  • Hosts church receptions and events.
Healing Ministry
  • Held weekly from September to June.

  • Therapeutic Touch and Reiki.

Continuing Outreach


  • fellowship/coffee after each service

  • Raises awareness of the Christian faith in the community

  • Artisans Gallery

  • Farmers Market

  • Community Christmas Dinner

  • Chiapas Mexico Fund

  • Bobcaygeon Food Bank

  • Disaster Relief Responses

  • Environmental Action Bobcaygeon
  • Annual Yard Sale

  • Chili cook off

  • Luncheons, dinners

Providence United Church: Assets and Resources

Assets/Resources Comments
Church Building
  • quaint 1 room church with narthex

  • church built in 1890

  • coffee time with treats after each service

  • organ and piano in church

  • special Christmas service

  • 2 annual meetings with approx. 25 persons present

  • Operational bell tower
  • Providence is self supporting

  • several Trust Funds add to ongoing income
  • many active adherents
UCW Units
  • 1 unit

  • Providence UCW meets throughout the year.
  • wide array: some local

  • different each week
Continuing Outreach
  • support M & S

  • high school scholarship

  • 10 other charitable donations

  • fellowship and refreshments after each service

2018 Financials

  • The 2018 Annual Report is available as an appendix.



Community Profile

  • Vibrant, delightful village situated on three islands in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes at Lock 32 on the Trent Severn Waterway.

  • Toronto – 2 hours; Peterborough – 45 minutes; Lindsay – 30 minutes away.

  • Local Public school. High schools nearby: Trillium Lakelands District School Board

  • Hospitals: Lindsay – Ross Memorial; Peterborough – Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

  • Please visit: and Bobcaygeon Chamber of Commerce



Community Resources of the Bobcaygeon Providence Pastoral Charge

  • Service Clubs, Recreation, Community Groups & Services, Health Services, Music & Cultural, Others.

  • Education: Nursery school & daycare; Elementary school; High schools; LCVI (has International Baccalaureate Program), I E Weldon and Fenelon Falls Secondary School; Fleming College (Lindsay & Peterborough; Trent University (Peterborough).



Bobcaygeon Ministerial Association

  • Consists of ministers from most of the 7 churches in Bobcaygeon.

  • Meets regularly.

  • Pulpit exchange yearly in January.

  • During Lent, Wednesday lunches are hosted by all 7 churches in turn.

  • Ministerial cooperates to share Wednesday services at the two nursing homes. throughout the year.



Position Profile

Position Summary

Full-time ministry position requires effective leadership in our congregation through the conduct of Worship, the provision of Pastoral Care, leadership in program planning and development for Christian Education.

Areas of Ministry

As a result of the survey from the congregation, the position will focus on Worship and Pastoral Care as the priorities.

1) Worship

The successful candidate will:

  • lead Sunday worship on a weekly basis

  • present a meaningful well-prepared sermon in the spirit of the teaching and helping us to understand the Bible and for us to grow spirituality and be a better person

  • serve communion within guidelines established by the Church Council and the United Church of Canada

  • plan and coordinate a worship schedule in conjunction with the Music Director and the Worship Committee

  • Self sufficient administration with minimal supervision

2) Pastoral Care and Outreach

The successful candidate will:

  • provide spiritual support and pastoral care to members of the congregation

  • keep in touch with members of the congregation who are ill, shut in or ask for spiritual or emotional help in their daily life. Visit new families.

  • conduct funerals and weddings within guidelines established by the Church

Council and the United Church of Canada

  • participate in the Bobcaygeon Ministerial, ECO, and National Church as required

  • assist in reaching the local and broader communities in coordination with the Outreach Committee

3) Christian Education

The successful candidate will:

  • assist in the provision of educational programs, including Confirmations and Baptismal classes, Children’s Church (Sunday School) and programs in coordination with the Christian Development Committee

  • work with the congregations and the Church Council to implement ways to attract new members, especially young families\



4) Administration

The successful candidate will:

  • support standing committees in the management of the church as

         necessary or on request

  • maintain regular stated office hours

  • be accountable to the congregation and Council by working effectively with and through the Ministry and Personnel Committee.

  • Involvement in ECO Council


Terms of Employment Profile

Many of the conditions of employment are mandated by the United Church of Canada. When Bobcaygeon Providence Pastoral Charge issues a call, the conditions of employment will be consistent with documented standards.


Compensation will be up to category C based on the current annual Salary and Allowance Schedules outlined in the United Church Salary Guidelines.

Mileage Allowance, Telephone and Internet Service, Moving Expenses

As determined by United Church policy.

Pension and Group Insurance

The Pastoral Charge will pay the employer portion for United Church Pension and Group Insurance Plans as assessed.


The Pastoral Charge will provide one month of vacation including five Sundays per year. The Minister will consult with the M&P Committee to determine actual dates.

Continuing Education

A study leave for continuing education of three weeks per year, as approved in advance by the Ministry and Personnel Committee and education as required by UCC.

Recommendation regarding ECO Report

The Pastoral Charge Committee recommends the acceptance of the Report by the Bobcaygeon Providence Pastoral Charge Council and the adoption of the Report Recommendation to call a full-time member of Ordered Ministry, up to and including Category C.