Dear Trinity Providence Community, 



Now that wintry weather is here, we want to remind you that on bad weather Sundays the church will be open for those who feel safe to travel and would like to worship together. Anyone who does not feel safe travelling to church should not feel obligated to travel or feel guilty about staying home. This includes the worship leader, musician(s), choir members, and any one who has a specific task (e.g. scripture reading, collection counting, coffee preparation, etc.) on any given Sunday. It could be that on a bad weather Sunday people gather to have a few prayers and sing hymns a capella – followed by a cup of coffee of course.


Our church community includes people who live in a large geographic area and weather, road and driveway conditions can vary across this area.  Each of you is the best judge of your own circumstances and whether it is appropriate for you to venture out to church.


Sincerely, Cathy Bennett (Chair of Council), Debbie P, Audrey Mackay (Co-Chairs of Worship), and Rev. Bob