Dear Friends,

What a delight to have the opportunity to read through this edition of The Carillon! Thanks to Sue Pepper for her good work of editing, and to each of you who has contributed to this life at Trinity and Providence Churches.

Eleven months have passed since I began as part-time Supply Minister as you search for a new minister following Rodney’s leaving. It is a joy and a pleasure to be journeying with you at this important time in your life. I want to uplift the strong ministry that Trinity and Providence have both inside and outside the church buildings. You care for one another well and your involvement in the wider community is where the rubber of your faith hits the road. Many people do many things quietly behind the scenes that strengthen the life of the pastoral charge. There is a real place for the welcome and theology of The United Church in Bobcaygeon. There is a unique perspective in this pastoral charge which is a gift to the community.

We are now entering the season of Advent, that time in the life of the Church when we prepare for Jesus’ birth. It is a time of hopeful anticipation. I think Trinity and Providence folk well understand this hopeful anticipation as the Search Committee continues their work of looking for a new, full-time minister to serve here. I am enjoying my time with you very much, but I am eager for you to be able to enter into this new relationship with your new minister. You can help the Search Committee in this process with prayerful support, both for the Committee, as well as for those who may be considering coming here. Trust Spirit to guide you – like Christmas, it could bring you all kinds of surprises! And you can help strengthen the ministry of this place by inviting family and friends to attend any of the many special events happening here at church.

Advent and Christmas blessings to each of you and those whom you love, both near and far.

With appreciation,